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Endpoint Protection

Continuous real-time visibility of your endpoints with detection & response.  Your IT team will be able to identify attacks with the accurate root-cause analysis for effective remediation intelligence.

  • Actionable Inteligence for Endpoint Remediation

  • Reporting to Reduce Total Number of Incidents

  • Alerts to Quickly Find Solution to Incidents

  • Lightweight Agent with Cloud Delivered Updates

  • Attack Chain Visualisation – early warning detection and post-detection visualisation.

  • Granular Endpoint Detection – tracks malicious processes taking place on your endpoints.

  • Traffic Forwarding – forward traffic using our intuitive agent​.

  • Intelligent File Analysis – verdict 100% of unknown executables on all files.

  • SIEM Integration – integrate with a SIEM to expand into more advanced security.

  • Fileless Threat Detection – detect 100 of unknown fireless threats.

  • Recommended Security Policy – apply our security policy based on threat behaviour analytics.

  • Real-Time Notifications – set Email and SMS notifications to reduce reaction time.

  • Cloud-Native Architecture – signatures updated automatically without interruption.

  • Expert Human Analysis – 24 hr expert analysis of more sophisticated threats.

Why Choose Comodo Endpoint Protection

Enhance your Endpoint Protection Platform to Prevent Ransomware, Data Breaches, & Malware

Proven to be the best way to convey this type of information, provide more than just data, they offer actionable knowledge.

Forecast Detection

EDR Forecast Analysis – Stay ahead to stop cyber attacks

  • Comodo will tailor the group policy to your requirements including endpoint-specific policies for enhanced security.

  • No hardware needed!  Automatically updates signatures and checks processes executed in your environment continuously.

  • Lightweight agent dramatically streamlining follow-up efforts from your IT department.

Timeline Response

Suspicious Activity Validation – Track infected endpoints for IT to patch

  • Protection against zero-day web threats, without hindering employee productivity.

  • Detect 100% of unknown fileless threats with Comodo’s intelligent file analysis engine.

  • Appy Comodo’s recommended policy, created upon a meticulous examination of threat behaviour analytics.

Threat Visualisations

Quickly see how to fix the root problems

  • Attack vectors are shown on your dashboard streamlines any repairs by combining with file trajectory and process hierarchy.

  • Process-based events are shown in a tree-view structure to help analysts better understand process behaviour.

  • Device trajectory details are provided with separate screens to drill down into devices for insight when investigating attack vectors.


Managed Detection & Response

Comodo’s security operations centre gives you fully managed solutions for today’s biggest problems facing everyone’s security today.

  • Expand your IT Security Staff

  • Mitigate Advanced Threat Expansions

  • Meet your Compliance Demands

  • Cost Effective Managed Cybersecurity

Why businesses need DNS Protection

Growing numbers of more sophisticated cybersecurity attacks threaten your web applications, cloud infrastructure, networks, and endpoints. Failure to protect these resources will trigger costly penalties once a data breach occurs to your business. Our service provides a team of security researchers who extend your IT team to safeguard your IT systems and infrastructure.

  • Detect & Find – Security analysts continuously monitor for malicious activities or policy violations and intrusions.

  • Threat Hunting – Proactively searching client networks to detect threats that are resident yet be undetected.

  • Protect Your Data – Analysts add the endpoint security and network protection with all the correct security configurations.

Why Choose Comodo Manage Detection & Response

Your best defense is a “defense-in-depth” strategy with multiple layers of cybersecurity protections.

  • Cloud-Native SIEM – Designed for threat detection and response automation

  • 27/7 SOC as a Service – Dedicated Security Experts to keep your business breach free

  • Threat Intelligence Feeds – Multi-sourced integrated security intel from multiple-indicators

  • Holistic Security Approach – Sensors designed for endpoint, network, web and cloud workloads.

  • Auto Containment Technology – Contain 100% of unknown threats instantly to prevent harm

  • Powerful Threat Hunting – Data visualisation, analysis, statistical correlations, and data

  • AI+ML + Human Expert in the Loop – Artificial Intelligence learns form Human Security Analyst decisions.

  • Centralised in Valkyrie Platform – Designed for enterprises of all sizes and Managed Service Providers.

Comodo’s security experts search for vulnerabilities, continuously monitor your IT systems for indications of compromise, and contain advanced threats. They work closely with your IT team to prioritize and fix security flaws and remediate issues.

Add-On Modules

Advanced Endpoint Protection


Network Security

  • Deploy In 2 Minutes

  • Protect Against Web Threats

  • Ensure Productive Web Browsing

  • Protect Off-Network Users

Protect against web threats and regulate web browsing activities for users in any location, on any device with full visibility.

Why choose Secure Internet Secure Gateway (DNS)

Comodo Secure Internet Gateway protects your network against all web-borne threats and enforces productive user web browsing in minutes.

  • Anycast DNS: No Agent Install Required – Cloud-based, highly available Anycast DNS infrastructure hosted in 25-counties.

  • Domain Filtering – 80+ content categories updated with millions of new domains every 2 hours, plus customer black/whitelists.

  • Protection Against Advanced Threats – Block phishing, malware domains, malicious sites, botnets, CSC call-back events and all web-borne attacks.

  • Enforce Polices & Gain Visibility – Per company, location, endpoint, mobile device, IP, subnet and user.

  • Real-Time Customisable Reporting – Gain real-time web visibility for everything, internet connected and schedule reports to be sent to your email.

  • Off-Network Protection – Protect, control and monitor employee web traffic regardless of their location.

  • Customizable Block Pages – Add your logo, add a message, and show different pages for each category to inform employees why they are blocked.

  • World’s Biggest Threat Intelligence – Leverages Comodo’s Threat Research Lab for real-time threat intelligence from over 85 million nodes in over 190 countries.

  • iOS & Android Apps – Protect mobile devices seamlessly across 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE cellular networks and Wi-Fi.

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