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Server backup solutions

Protect critical business data when disaster strikes.

Data disasters take many forms

Ransomware.  Hardware failures.  Power outages. Human error.  Threats to your data are everywhere and evolving fast.  Yet many companies rely on outdated backup technologies to protect their server environments.

 Carbonite make data protection simple

Carbonite® offers comprehensive data protection that’s engineered for the needs of your environment.  The software, the cloud service and even optional hardware are fully integrated and supported.

Gain assurance in an uncertain world

Enjoy the confidence of knowing you can recover and restore crucial systems if your business is threatened with a data disaster.  Carbonite solutions are easy to deploy and manage so you can focus on other things.

Customise your backup – scale up or down, combine and configure to fit your recovery needs.

Carbonite Safe Server Backup

Carbonite Server

Carbonite Safe® server backup is designed specifically for small businesses. Automatically back up your data to the cloud with options to protect files locally for faster recovery.

All-in-one backup and recovery solution for physical, virtual, and legacy systems with optional cloud failover.

Security Tips for Protecting your Backup Servers


Businesses today are evaluating and implementing a multi vector approach to securing and protecting company data. This paper will focus on additional measures and techniques to specifically protect the backup environment,

as well as the Carbonite multi-vector approach for securing your data, part of our cyber resilience philosophy.

Endpoint Data Protection Solution

Protect your company and your workforce from data loss and ransomware.

Endpoint data is vulnerable

Your critical business data is distributed across tens, hundreds, thousands of your employees’ desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  Most companies don’t have a comprehensive solution to this complete problem.


Bandwidth is a limited resource

Bandwidth is a fixed resource for any business.  Carbonite QuckCache enables you to back up a LAN speeds over your internal network, while deferring bandwidth utilisation to the cloud until off-peak hours.

Integration is critical

Endpoint management must seamlessly fit into your environment.  With custom end-user dashboards, APIs for deeper integration, automated health reporting, AD/LDAP integration and single sign-on, Carbonite reduced your IT Burden.

Protect endpoint data no matter where it’s stored

Data created on desktops and laptops is vulnerable to ransomware, human error, hardware failures, loss and theft. Carbonite Endpoint protects against these common data loss scenarios.

With features like geo-tracking and remote wipe, Carbonite Endpoint provides all-around endpoint data protection. So, you can take control of your critical business data–no matter where it's stored

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Advanced features help simplify the process of protecting endpoint data

  • Easy deployment – Automated, silent, centralized installation and operation, secure over public and private networks.

  • Global deduplication – Reduces backup-related WAN traffic by up to 98% during business hours.

  • Advanced admin control – Legal hold transparent to end users and admin-driven restore functionality.

  • Secure protection – 256-bit AES encryption in motion and at rest, and mitigation features like global location tracking, remote data wipe and poison pill.

  • Policy-controlled backups – Create and deploy policies to back up as frequently as every minute.

  • Incremental restore – Restore only new or changed files. Ideal for recovering from ransomware and device migration.


Anywhere there’s data, there’s a risk of data loss

Carbonite Backup for Microsoft 365

Picks up where native tools leave off.  Protecting Data from the Cloud, in the Cloud

Carbonite® Backup for Microsoft 365 offers comprehensive backup for the entire Microsoft 365 suite of productivity apps. It allows businesses and IT organizations to recover individual files and folders, permissions settings as well as complete site collections, with an unprecedented level of flexibility. It also protects data from a range of everyday data loss scenarios that are not covered natively in Microsoft 365. It is also easily deployed through Microsoft Active Directory integration.

Daily Microsoft 365 backups with advanced recovery features – complete cloud-to-cloud backup for Microsoft 365.

  • Complete Office Protection: Protect the entire Microsoft 365 suite – including SharePoint, OneDrive,

       Email and Teams.

  • Rapid recovery: Perform site-level rollback or recover individual items including mailboxes, conversations,

       and files.

  • Backup and retention: Run automatic backups up to four times per day.

  • Central management: Simplify administrative tasks with legal hold, audit reporting, role-based access,

       APIs and exports.

  • Data loss prevention: Protect against data loss threats including human error, hardware failure and ransomware.

  • Professional support: Enjoy on-boarding and recovery support from experts, 24x7.

To prevent data loss in Microsoft 365 applications, organizations need a purpose-built backup solution that covers everyday data loss scenarios — like ransomware and user error. Carbonite Backup for Microsoft 365 protects the entire suite of Microsoft 365 services.

The importance of Microsoft 365 backup

Many organizations believe that moving to Microsoft 365 means backup is no longer necessary. Use this e-book to develop an effective protection strategy for Microsoft 365 data.

Why backup with Carbonite® Backup for Microsoft 365

While Microsoft ensures the availability of its infrastructure, it recommends that customers assume responsibility for protecting the data in its suite of cloud applications. Learn more about backing up with Carbonite® Backup for Microsoft 365.

Carbonite Availability

Keep Critical systems online all the time.

Key Features

  • Continuous replication for always-on data protection

  • Rapid failover for recovery times of minutes

  • Supports replication between disparate physical, virtual and cloud-based systems

  • Multiple recovery points using historical snapshots

  • Advanced features like encryption in-flight, compression, and bandwidth throttling

  • Comprehensive API and SDK enable integration and automation

  • Award-winning technical support available 24/7

  • Easy, non-disruptive testing


Carbonite Availability software enables IT organizations to maintain the highest availability of their Windows and Linux servers by preventing downtime and data loss.