The Kaseya Attack:  Dark Cubed's Response

No Single Security Product Can Prevent Supply Chain Breaches Like the Kaseya Event.

But That Doesn’t Mean Dark Cubed’s Solution Can’t Help.

MSP and MSSP customers of Dark Cubed are using our solution in a very straightforward - yet very effective - way as part of their Incident Response (IR) efforts…including the recent Kaseya ransomware attack.

In short, Dark Cubed can alert you when one of your clients is connecting to the command and control hosts for the Kaseya breach.

Dark Cubed's Director of Threat Intelligence prepared a document outlining how Dark Cubed users can leverage their solution to address the Kaseya attack, which you can download here whether you’re a Dark Cubed customer or not.

If you’re not a Dark Cubed MSP/MSSP partner and would like to learn more, Contact Us to arrange a 30-minute overview/demo


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