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74% of breached organizations admitted the breach involved access to a privileged account.

Remediant SecureONE was purpose-built to address this problem and be a force multiplier to security programs worldwide. The founding team especially had in mind those looking to secure and enable access to global, distributed and always scaling infrastructure.


  • Stop lateral movement – Remove rouge admin privileges from endpoints with a single click.

  • Deploy without agents – 150k devices deployed globally in 4 hours.  Operate with 1 heard count

  • Continuously discover – Inventory undetected, hidden administrator rights on endpoints

  • Administer Just-in-Time – Provision admin access with MFA to only the right resource, for the right time.

Based on a Zero Trust model


SecureONE ensures privileged access is precisely allocated and continuously inventoried by granting privileged access on a Just-in-Time, Just-Enough bases using two-factor authentication.


Remediant SecureONE was purpose-built to address this problem and be a force multiplier to security programmes worldwide

  • Agentless, single VM deployment – Deployment requires no agents on endpoints. The SecureONE management console can be set up as a single virtual or physical appliance and managed with one headcount.

  • Continuous Discovery – SecureONE constantly scans for and discovers privileged access across the ecosystem, acting as a single source of truth for reporting the distribution of privileged access (150,000 endpoints in approximately four hours).

  • Just-in-Time Administration (JITA) with MFA & No Shared Accounts – Privileged access is elevated instantly upon request using the user’s own credentials. MFA is used to authenticate the request and access is removed after a pre-determined amount of time.

  • Stop Ransomware – Users may be removed from administrator groups across all endpoints with a single click. Enabling this takes milliseconds per endpoint with no additional software.

  • State of Privileged Access Reporting – Ability to continuously report on how privileged access risk has evolved over time across the enterprise.

  • Real-time SOC Insights – SecureONE integrates with Splunk and other SIEMs to ensure real-time visibility into all privilege escalations.


Why Remediant?

It has been adopted by major enterprises across several industries, protecting more than 500,000 endpoints. With the ability to scan more than 100,000 hosts in minutes and provide customers with near real-time insight, SecureONE has reduced the quantity of privileged access across the enterprise by more than 99 percent. Ultimately, this reduces an organization’s attack surface and minimizes the impact even if administrator credentials are stolen through attacks like phishing, Pass-the-Hash or Golden Ticket forgery.

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