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Remediant, a solution distributed by CyberHub Africa, provides advanced privilege access management, ensuring robust security measures for organisations by effectively managing and securing privileged accounts.

Remediant PAM+™
The Transformation of Privilege Access Management

Meet the next stage in privilege access management's evolution.

Cyber attackers who use compromised admin credentials can gain privileged access and pilfer administrator credentials once they get a toehold on an enterprise system.  


The next step in PAM solutions—Remediant PAM+TM —administers dynamic Just-in-Time (JIT) privileged account access to help organizations achieve Zero Standing Privilege. PAM+ gives IT administrators and security analysts dynamic and continuous visibility into their organizations permanently provisioned privileged accounts and can remove them with one click.

Fill out the form to download this solution brief and learn how administers can leverage dynamic Just-in-Time (JIT) privileged account access to help your organization achieve Zero Standing Privilege.

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