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CyberHub are a distributor focused on layered cyber security solutions, specifically tailored towards Managed Service Providers and Value-Added Resellers looking to adapt their business model to an everchanging IT landscape which requires end-to-end cyber security services that protects organisations from threats.

CyberHub’s partnership with their vendors is cultivated to bring growth to their channel partners both in terms of reoccurring revenue and a relevant set of products that meets the modern threat landscape.

Our vendors share one characteristic, best of breed cybersecurity products tailored for MSPs.

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Cyber Security Layers

We live in a world where cyber-attacks are coming from multiple vectors (email, end point, network, and more).  And one-layer traditional Anti-virus approach no longer enough to keep your business safe.

A mindset shift to a more proactive multi layered cyber security approach is required.

A layered security approach is about having different security controls, at different levels that factor in different types of threats to protect assets to help ensure that each defence component covers its threat vector, strengthening your overall security posture. Making it more challenging to find ways to infiltrate the system. Lowering your risk of a breach.

It is recommended that all businesses have multiple layers of security to protection their business not matter the size.

Layers of Security



Blackpoint Cyber’s 24/7 Managed Detection and Response service provides real-time threat hunting and true response; not just alerts.  Their managed security operations centre (SOC) can protect your critical assets, data, and reputation.  Providing absolutely and unified security for you and your clients’ network infrastructure.

Turn your staff into your strongest security asset with cybersecurity awareness training.  Bob’s Business raises staff awareness, reduces organisational risk of breaches, positively changes cultures, and ensure compliance for organisations large and small. 

Comodo delivers everything cybersecurity you ever needed to activate breach protection.  Make your life easier, your customers safer, your employees more productive and your data more secure with the Comodo Dragon Platform.

The first step in protecting networks is knowing where traffic is coming from and where it’s going to, and then knowing if the bad guys are operating from those traffic destinations.  Dark Cubed delivers an affordable, automated SaaS-based threat monitoring, detection and blocking solution that connects in minutes to firewalls, is easy to use and does the heavy lifting for you.

SecureONE assigns privileged access solely to the endpoints the administrator needs, and only for a specific time. If usernames or passwords are stolen, the zero-privilege baseline for protected endpoints ensures that compromised accounts cannot be used to access systems, nor move laterally through the network.   

Increase employee productivity and prevent IP theft.  Detect insider threat, investigate employees.  Trust, but verify and take back control with SoftActivity – Computer monitoring software that works hard.

On Guard Against Online Threats, Webroot protect against ransomware, phishing, viruses, identity theft and other digital dangers. Multi-vector protection for endpoints and networks, as well as cloud-based threat intelligence services.

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