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Secure your digital foundation with CyberHub Africa's state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions at the network layer, providing comprehensive protection against cyber threats and ensuring the integrity of your communication infrastructure.

Preventing unauthorised people or programs from accessing your networks and the devices connected to them.


Keeping email and web gateways protected is the only way to ensure you aren’t bombarded with malicious attacks, as well as stopping data loss that could damage a business and put you in breach of compliance.

The Problem


Today’s web environment is a powerful resource for businesses but is the single greatest risk factor to your employees’ devices becoming infected and your network being breached through malicious content, malware, viruses, social engineering attacks and more. And unfortunately, even legitimate sites are compromised regularly these days, therefore it is crucial that a secure web gateway should be an essential line of defence. 


Email attackers rely on victims clicking links, open files, or carry out some other action – these scams are among the most common and dangerous types of attack that organisations face.  Businesses need to protect against malicious emails, spam, and phishing attacks.


You can’t rely on one single line of defence mechanism it’s too risky, because any single defensive tool can be compromised by a determined attacker.


The Solution


Being able to stop web threats is vital our web gateway security solutions from Webroot offer various checks and controls to enhance the security of your network, whilst minimising the risk of cyber-attacks. 

Easy NAC provides enhanced visibility, control, and security. It simplifies network management, identifies and addresses issues proactively, and ensures authorized access only. With detailed insights into network performance, administrators can quickly troubleshoot and rectify anomalies, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. Easy NAC streamlines network management, enhances security, and resolves network problems effectively.


Businesses heavily reliant on email communication. By filtering emails, Mailprotector significantly reduces the risk of infections and data breaches. With its robust filtering capabilities, it ensures that malicious or suspicious emails are blocked before they reach users' inboxes. By implementing Mailprotector, businesses can enhance their email security, safeguard sensitive data, and minimize the potential impact of cyber threats.

Mailprotector not only filters emails to reduce the risk of infections and data breaches but also offers email encryption. With email encryption, businesses can securely protect confidential information during transit, meeting compliance requirements and ensuring privacy. Mailprotector provides a comprehensive solution for minimizing risks and unauthorized access to sensitive data.


Physical network controls such as Remediant’s SecureOne Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution is a cybersecurity tool that inventories and dynamically applied / removes privileged access to user and non-user accounts – preventing unauthorised personnel from gaining access to data and networks.  With privileged user management, users only access the data required for their work. IT teams set these parameters. It prevents users from accessing other systems and information.

Looking for a solution that identifies malicious traffic and blocks it at the firewall?  Celerium delivers a low-cost, highly-scalable software-as-a-service (Saas) platform that delivers an automated threat detection and blocking solution that deploys in 15 minutes to your customer’s firewalls and does the heavy lifting for you.


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