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100% Automated Threat Detection and Blocking for Your MSP Clients.

Defending SMBs against cyber attacks.

The key to defending the SMB community against cyber criminals is to understand who’s launching the attacks, and how.  The threats facing large enterprises are largely not those confronting the SMB community.

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Why SMB's are vulnerable

Many firewall automation and cybersecurity solutions on the market today are difficult to use and understand.  Celerium (formerly Dark Cubed) offers a network defense solution to distil complexity into an easy-to-understand scoring system and an intuitive user interface.

The average small business owner doesn’t have hours a day to manage network security.  Celerium’s solution automatically block risky connections so you can focus on running your business.

Fighting Fire with Fire

No New Hardware. No Software to Install.  No Agents.  No Kidding.

Because the solution is SaaS-based and 100% automated, there’s no need to install new hardware or software anywhere, including your firewal.  There’s also no need for a security analyst to perform cyber threat monitoring or firewall block list updates.  The platform does all that and can be deployed in about 10 minutes.

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Monitor your network connections and benefit from enterprise-grade threat intelligence with Celerium’s cybersecurity solution.  The solution pulls a syslog data feed from the firewall, scores incoming and outgoing connections and assigns each connection an easy-to-understand score indicating risk.

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Use the elegant dashboard to quickly find threats and take action.  Celerium have designed their dashboard to be extremely easy to use and understand, even for those without professional experience in IT.  Security shouldn’t require a PhD.


Receive alerts when and how you want.  Get instant network notifications via Slack, Email, or syslog.  Set thresholds to minimize noise.  Know and control what’s connecting to your network.

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Stop malicious connections and reduce threat exposure quickly through firewall automation or manual blocking.  Simple workflows enable one-click blocking and unblocking of high-risk traffic sources or targeted serivces or enable automatic blocking of risky connections to stay safe 24/7.

Why Celerium… the Movie

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Dark Cubed is on a mission to bring information security to the 99% of companies without the resources to implement security today.

Built from the bottom up for SMBs, the Dark Cubed SaaS solution augments existing firewalls to provide automated threat detection, scoring and blocking at a fraction of the cost and complexity of conventional cybersecurity products.  Founded by a former White House CISO, Dark Cubed is headquartered in Alexandria, VA.

In September 2022, Dark Cubed was acquired by Celerium, a leader in innovative cyber defense solutions.

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