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Easy NAC offered by CyberHub Africa: Simplify network access control with our user-friendly solution, ensuring seamless management and heightened security for your organisation's network.
Easy NAC - Know and Control What's on your Network

Know and Control
What's on your Network

Visibility.  Control.  Scalability

  • Discovering and reporting network devices, including PCs, BYOD, IOT

  • Controlling access to wired, wireless, and VPN networks 

  • Identifying and remediating managed PCs that are non-compliant

  • Providing BYOD and guest registration with limited access

  • Validating Windows or Azure AD and Anti-Virus

  • Integrating with patch management, APT, firewall, and more

  • Zero trust quarantining rogue devices from the network 

Introducing Easy NAC: Simplify Network Access Control for MSPs

Are you an MSP looking to streamline your clients’ network security without the complexity and hassle of traditional Network Access Control (NAC) solutions?  Look no further than Easy NAC!  NAC’s cutting-edge network security solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like you, offering range of key benefits that will transform the way you manage and protect your clients’ networks.

Streamlined Network Security Management

Easily manage network access control across multiple client networks from a user-friendly interface.  Save time and effort with simplified configurations.

Robust Network Protection

Ensure comprehensive network security with Easy NAC.  Gain visibility, monitor devices, users, and applications, and enforce granular access policies for authorised access and compliance.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate Easy NAC with your existing infrastructure and with popular MSP platforms, such as RMM and PSA tools.  Adapt to different network environments and maximise efficiency by leveraging your current workflows.

Automated Network Provisioning

Onboard new clients quickly and easily with automated network provisioning.  Scale your operations and deliver consistent network security without manual intervention.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

Leverage robust reporting and analytics features to gain valuable insights into network activity and security posture.  Proactively address vulnerabilities and optimise performance.

24/7 Support and Expertise

Count on CyberHub’s dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals and that of Easy NACs for technical guidance, deployment assistance, and ongoing support.  We’re here to help you succeed.

Choose Easy NAC today and simply network access control, enhance security and streamline your MSP operations.  Revolutionise the way you manage and protect your clients’ networks.  Get started with Easy NAC now.

Watch How Easy NAC Simplifies Network Security Management… the Movie

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Experience the power of simplified network security management with Easy NAC. Streamline your MSP operations, enhance network protection, and scale your business effortlessly. Take control of your clients' networks today. Get started with Easy NAC and revolutionize your cybersecurity distribution services.

Easy NAC Distributor
for African
IT Channel 

For over 15 years, enterprises across the world have trusted InfoExpress NAC solutions to protect millions of endpoints and thousands of sites. 

As the original inventors of NAC, we’ve designed Easy NAC to meet the needs of today’s organizations, which have fewer borders and more locations than ever before.

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