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Cryoserver, part of CyberHub Africa's portfolio, is a leading email archiving solution that ensures secure and compliant storage, retrieval, and management of electronic communications for organisations.
Cryoserver: email archiving - stop searching, start finding

Email Archiving – Stop Searching, Start Finding

Effortless Discovery of Crucial Data

In a world where 293 billion emails are sent daily, email archiving goes beyond mere backup. It's about securing, monitoring, and centralising critical information. At CyberHub, we bring you Cryoserver, the ultimate solution for Botswana-based MSPs and their clients.

Navigating the Email Information Tsunami

With a staggering 293 billion daily emails worldwide, the challenge of managing this data deluge is evident. Crucial information frequently gets lost, misplaced, or accidentally deleted in the chaos of inboxes and servers. This multifaceted challenge transforms the simple task of maintaining digital communication into a complex endeavour. Essential insights, sensitive documents, and critical correspondence risk slipping through the cracks, potentially resulting in missed opportunities and costly errors.

Moreover, data security and compliance have become paramount concerns in this environment of information overload. The risk of data breaches and unauthorised access looms large. Ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data is an uphill task without the right tools and strategies in place. Regulations like GDPR demand rigorous data protection and retention policies, which can be complex and time-consuming, diverting resources from core business activities.

In this email-saturated world, basic archiving is no longer sufficient. The need of the hour is a comprehensive solution that not only safeguards your data but also empowers your organisation to manage, retrieve, and ensure compliance with ease. This is where Cryoserver, provided by CyberHub, steps in as the ultimate answer to these challenges, offering data security and streamlined compliance.

Cryoserver's Email Archiving

Cryoserver offers a robust solution to this ever-growing problem. Here's why it's a game-changer:

Here's why it's a game-changer:

  • Comprehensive Archiving: Safeguard all emails sent and received, including those lost. No more data loss concerns; everything is securely archived.

  • Swift Retrieval: Empower quick access to needed emails, enhancing efficiency and productivity, reducing search time.

  • Compliance Assurance: Ensure data protection compliance, like GDPR, for peace of mind and reputation safeguarding.

  • Cost Savings: Efficiently manage email data, saving time and money with streamlined archiving.

  • Office 365 Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Office 365, enhancing email management capabilities.

  • Faster Migration: Simplify and speed up email data migration for a smooth transition.

  • Rapid Search: Lightning-fast search capabilities reduce user frustration and save time.

  • Boosted Cybersecurity: Enhance email security, protecting against data breaches.

  • Lightweight Solution: Operates seamlessly with minimal IT resource requirements.


In addition to these features, Cryoserver provides flexibility in deployment:

On-Premise Email Archiving: This solution allows you to archive your emails on your own premises, providing you with in-house control over your data. It is particularly beneficial for regulated organisations, offering a fully searchable database of emails. For businesses with limited tech support capability, Cryoserver manages both hardware and software maintenance through a contractual agreement.

Cryoserver Cloud Email Archiving: If managing an on-premises archive is not your preference, Cryoserver offers a cloud-based alternative. With Cryoserver Cloud, you get a hassle-free, subscription-based service hosted in secure data centres, ensuring your data is managed with the utmost care.

Tailored for Botswana-Based MSPs and Clients

At CyberHub, we understand the unique needs of Botswana-based Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their clients. Cryoserver is tailored to fit your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and secure email archiving experience.

Don't let the email data deluge overwhelm you. Partner with CyberHub and embrace Cryoserver's email archiving solution for a more organised, efficient, and compliant future.

Why Cryoserver… the Movie

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Looking to maximise your storage space. Or you want to access your emails more easily. Or you need help complying with legislation like EU GDPR. Whatever your reason for considering email archiving, Cryoserver answers your needs effectively.  Set up a 20-30 minute call with our team.

Cryoserver Distributor
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IT Channel 

Acquired by Forensic & Compliance Systems (FCS) in October 2006, Cryoserver has continually evolved, maintaining a core focus on secure and data-compliant solutions. Their latest release, Version 10, is all about improving your ability to find that "needle in the haystack" – to retrieve important, valuable emails more quickly, while enhancing the overall user experience.

Cryoserver serves a global audience across 27+ countries, partnering with leading clients spanning various sectors, including healthcare, government, finance, and law firms.

As pioneers in email archiving, they have invested years of experience and development to create highly secure systems with user-friendly interfaces. Cryoserver was initially designed to meet strict data regulations, a focus that continues today, ensuring compliance with GDPR and providing email retention and access solutions for organisations of all sizes and sectors.

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