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Carbonite, a cybersecurity solution available through CyberHub Africa, offers reliable data protection and backup services, providing organisations with a secure and resilient approach to safeguarding their critical information.
Carbonite Cloud-to-Clou Backup
Carbonite: Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Carbonite Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Protect your business-critical data.

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Carbonite Cloud-to-Cloud Backup offers an automated and secure solution that facilitates the swift recovery of SaaS applications. This significantly reduces the impact of data loss. You can easily backup and restore Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Box, and Dropbox environments. The end results. Your MSP business can keep critical data safe while enhancing cyber resilience for your clients.

  • Scalable protection, with unlimited storage and unlimited retention

  • Ability to browse daily snapshots, run searches and recover from any point in time.

Why Carbonite Cloud-to-Cloud Backup?

Carbonite Cloud-to-Cloud Backup empowers Managed Service Providers with a comprehensive solution for backing up and recovering SaaS applications. With centralised management, granular restore capabilities, rapid recovery, and flexible retention options, MSPs can efficiently safeguard their clients' data and provide top-notch data protection services.



  • Automated daily backup of Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Box and Dropbox

  • Protection from ransomware, malware, data loss and data breach

  • Full redundancy (S3 to Glacier)

  • Recovery from any point-in-time or hierarchy (e.g., mailbox, site, folder, or document)

  • Secure and encrypted backup for CCPA, FINRA, HIPAA, GoBD and GDPR compliance

Need automated, secure SaaS backup and recovery?

Protect your company’s valuable cloud applications and data and improve recovery times.

Carbonite Server Backup

Carbonite Server Backup

Protect your systems with flexible and rapid recovery.

​Carbonite Server Backup delivers a comprehensive server backup and recovery solution designed with MSPs in mind. It ensures the security of physical, virtual, and legacy systems, providing the flexibility to configure local, cloud, or hybrid setups. This versatility empowers MSPs to swiftly restore critical systems for their clients, enhancing overall data protection and service reliability.

  • Allows for optional, integrated hardware from a single vendor.

  • Recovers Microsoft application data to fully functional states.

  • Gives VMware and Hyper-V protection, with RTO as low as two minutes.

  • Offers granular restore of systems as well a recovery to a VM.

  • Option cloud failover with pushbutton failback for critical systems.

Carbonite Server Backup
Why Choose Carbonite Server Backup for your MSP Business?

Carbonite Server Backup equips MSPs with a comprehensive range of options essential for addressing various forms of downtime your clients may encounter:

  • Rely on flexible deployment to get protection for local, cloud or hybrid systems.

  • Recover data quickly, with near-zero downtime, and easily, by using bare metal, granular file, and application-aware options.

  • Solve questions by turning to our award-winning support.

  • Easily monitor and manage all server environments from a single pane of glass.

  • Rely on local or cloud failover for peace of mind.

  • Reliable all-in-one solution for physical and virtual servers with optional, integrated hardware from a single vendor.

Need to back up only 1 or 2 servers?

Carbonite's backup product for small business can help.

Need server backup and recovery?

Get the protection you need to minimise downtime and recover when it happens.

Carbonite Endpoint Backup
Carbonite Endpoint Backup

Carbonite Endpoint Backup

Protect endpoint data, anywhere

Carbonite Endpoint Backup is the ultimate choice for MSPs seeking an all-encompassing, automated backup solution perfectly suited for the modern, dispersed workforce. It safeguards data on Windows and macOS endpoints, including laptops and desktops used by your clients' employees throughout their organisations.

With this solution in place, you can ensure a swift recovery process in the event of routine data losses, providing seamless data protection for your MSP clients.

Key Benefits of Carbonite Endpoint Backup for Comprehensive Data Protection

Use Carbonite Endpoint Backup to protect your workplace’s critical data from everyday loss like malware, theft, and hardware failure by relying on our cloud, the Microsoft® Azure cloud or on-site storage:

  • Access backups from any device, anywhere, anytime.

  • Stop data loss due to stolen devices with remote wipe and then restore the data on another device.

  • Know where your remote-workforce data is at all times thanks to geo-tracking.

  • Rely on customisable backup and recovery options to meet your clients’ specific needs.

  • Achieve flexibility with end-user self-restore and centralised admin restore.

  • Provide faster data restores and improve network traffic efficiency by backing up encrypted data to a device’s local cache.

  • Easily scale the solution based on your business thanks to per-seat pricing.

Why Carbonite Endpoint Backup?

Carbonite Endpoint Backup provides robust data protection that extends seamlessly across extensive geographical regions and intricate network infrastructures. Furthermore, it streamlines the deployment process, making administrative tasks straightforward and hassle-free, whether you're working with large or small organisations, distributed teams, or varying IT environments.

  • Flexible options like incremental restore and point-in-time recovery of data for individual devices or the whole fleet.

  • Industry-leading data security with AES 256-bit and RSA-4096 encryption, plus patented and unique encryption key management.

  • Geolocation tracking and remote wiping capabilities help keep data secure - even when devices fall into the wrong hands.

  • Provides easy deployment and management with automated, silent, centralised installation and operation.

  • Reduces backup-related WAN traffic by up to 98% during business hours for global deduplication.

  • Delivers secure protection with 256-bit AES encryption in motion and at rest.  Mitigation features, like global location and tracking and remote data wipe.

  • Intelligently manages global bandwidth usage with minimal disruption to network performance.

  • Offers advance administrative control including legal hold, which is invisible to end users, as well as admin-driven restore functionality.

  • Let’s you easily create and deploy policy-controlled backups as often as every minute.

Need to protect valuable data on employee devices?

Get the backup and recovery you need to mitigate data loss and data breaches and restore lost data quickly.

Carbonite Availbility

Carbonite Availability

Ensure Uninterrupted Business Operations with Carbonite Availability for MSPs

Carbonite Availability ensures continuous replication for physical, virtual, and cloud systems, helping MSPs prevent downtime and data loss. This keeps critical systems available, safeguarding clients' businesses and maintaining revenue, productivity, and brand credibility. Choose Carbonite Availability for uninterrupted client operations.

  • Continuously replicate critical systems for near-zero downtime and automated failover.

  • Opt for rapid failover and perform failback when needed.

  • Mitigate risks from planned and unplanned outages.

  • Duplicate systems in a secondary location (physical, virtual, or cloud).

  • Ensure compliance and meet SLAs by protecting mission-critical data in your preferred environment.

Carbonite Availability
Why MSPs Should Opt for Carbonite Availability?

Regardless of the cause, downtime has a consistent impact on your business every year, resulting in tangible losses in revenue and productivity. Additionally, it can lead to indirect consequences such as diminished customer loyalty and user satisfaction. This is precisely why Carbonite Availability is the essential choice for MSPs.


  • Reduce Business Interruptions and Data Loss: Real-time, byte-level replication can provide a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of seconds.

  • Reduce Infrastructure Costs: Maintain platform independence with support for physical, virtual or cloud source and target systems.

  • Reduce Downtime: Fight malware and data loss: recover from corruption and ransomware with snapshots.



Carbonite Availability empowers MSPs to boost productivity by safeguarding Linux and Windows servers against downtime and revenue loss.

  • Data encryption, in flight, between the source and the target.

  • Available automatic failover with server heartbeat monitor.

  • Integrated DNS management.

  • Three tiers of compression to minimise network impact.

  • Available bandwidth throttling options.

  • A comprehensive API for integration with other software applications.

Are you an MSP or a business looking to partner with an MSP to prevent downtime and maintain the availability of critical systems? 

Want to boost productivity and safeguard against revenue loss.

Carbonie Recover
Carbonite Recover

Carbonite Recover

Enhanced Business Continuity with Carbonite Recover for MSPs and Clients

Carbonite Recover ensures the secure replication of your clients' primary, critical systems, and data to the cloud. In the face of a ransomware attack or natural disaster, it enables an immediate failover to secondary systems. This means minimising downtime for your clients' businesses during unexpected disasters.

Key Benefits of Carbonite Recover

​Use Carbonite Recover to help your organization minimize disaster, like a wide-scale cyber attack, and quickly recover if your primary system is taken down:

  • Always have an up-to-date copy of your systems and data for immediate failover because Carbonite Recover sends data continuously to the encrypted Carbonite cloud.

  • Easily failover to your systems’ secondary copy for recovery in minutes and just a few clicks.

  • Eliminate the expense of establishing and managing your own secondary DR site.

  • Have confidence that everything is working as it should, thanks to non-disruptive, self-service tests, failover reports and professional support.

Why Carbonite Recover?

With non-disruptive, self-service tests, failover reports and professional services support, Carbonite Recover gives your business a sound data-protection strategy.

  • Flexible backup and recovery for your systems.

  • Always-on data protection-asynchronous, byte-level and real-time replication with push-button failover and failback

  • Regularly test your DR plan without impacting production activities with non-distributive, unlimited self-service testing.


Carbonite Recover securely replicates critical systems to the cloud. If disaster strikes down your primary systems, your business immediately can failover to a secondary environment:

  • Automates system discovery in your environment.

  • Orchestrates and supports failover scripting for multi-tier applications.

  • Encrypts data, both in transit and at rest, for secure transfers.

  • Replicates between disparate physical, virtual and cloud-based systems.

  • Optimises bandwidth for limited network impact.

  • Uses multiple recovery points based on historical snapshots.

Seeking rapid restoration of critical systems in the event of a disaster?

Secure the protection and recovery capabilities necessary in case of primary system failures. This approach minimises disruptions to productivity and revenue for your clients.

Carbonite Migrate

Carbonite Migrate

Simplify Workload Migrations with Carbonite Migrate

Carbonite Migrate offers MSPs an efficient and secure solution for migrating physical, virtual, and cloud workloads seamlessly, regardless of the destination environment. This process is executed with minimal risk and nearly zero downtime for your clients' businesses. With Carbonite Migrate, you can achieve straightforward, non-disruptive migrations and swift cutovers.

For MSPs and their clients, data migration can be complex, with challenges like data loss, resource allocation, and compatibility. Carbonite Migrate simplifies the process, ensuring a smooth transition during mergers, upgrades, and cloud adoption. Choose Carbonite Migrate to minimise downtime and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Carbonite Migrate
Simplify Migrations with Carbonite Migrate

Say goodbye to these headaches, streamline your migration processes, and minimise downtime with Carbonite Migrate.


  • Ensure seamless data, file, and system replication for minimal downtime, with swift cutover capabilities.

  • Boost cost-efficiency by optimising data storage expenditures.

  • Prevent downtime during data migration processes.

  • Reduce reliance on expensive skilled resources and expedite project timelines through automated cutover.

  • Conduct unlimited testing of new environments without disrupting ongoing operations.

  • Enjoy IT investment flexibility by avoiding vendor or hardware lock-in, ensuring adaptability to changing needs.


Carbonite Migrate delivers a streamlined process. It automates and consolidates numerous steps, which are otherwise manual and prone to human error, into just a few simple tasks. Use Carbonite Migrate to reduce the amount of migration work you need to do.

  • Keep users and systems active and fully productive while your data is being migrated.

  • Eliminate vendor lock-in.

  • Eliminate risk with pre-flight checks, automation and non-disruptive testing.



Comprehensive Carbonite Migrate delivers Simplicity and repeatability through the following features:

  • Full-server or data-only migrations which are completely hardware and platform agnostic.

  • Automated migration configuration and management with an easy-to-use console, eliminating common issues and streamlining migration.

  • Data and system migration to, from or between any combination of physical, virtual and cloud-based platforms, including public clouds like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

  • Continuous replication, at scale, with minimal impact to performance or bandwidth.

  • Data protection in-flight with AES 256-bit encryption.

  • Virtual-machine auto provisioning for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere.

  • Custom job configurations, automated workflows and orchestrated activities.

Need to streamline and automate data migration?

Migrate across different platforms, storage types and operating systems to reduce risk and downtime.

Carbonite Information Archiving

Carbonite Information Archiving

Stay Compliant with evolving regulations.

Carbonite Information Archiving empowers MSPs to archive and safeguard historical electronic communications effectively. Simplify archive management, ensuring compliance and minimising legal risks for your clients. Additionally, streamline eDiscovery processes for your team, making it efficient and hassle-free.

Carbonite Information Archivin
Key Benefits of Carbonite Information Archiving

With Carbonite Information Archiving, you can:​

  • Securely store a copy of all messages indefinitely or establish policies to designate how long certain messages get stored.

  • Distil massive data sets to the most relevant records with a sophisticated search for quick and easy eDiscovery.

  • Leverage the Glossary feature to use proactive message scanning, tagging and reviewing for compliance keywords.

  • Identify messages for litigation hold to conduct internal reviews for regulatory compliance or early case assessment.

  • Securely share a specified data set internally or with external stakeholders without manually exporting and shipping data to recipients.

Why Carbonite Information Archiving?

Carbonite Information Archiving simplifies management of your electronic communication data.


  • Quickly and securely share eDiscovery findings with outside parties.

  • Intuitively search data across email, social media and collaborate tools.

  • Rely on unlimited cloud-based storage.


Carbonite Information Archiving helps your business comply with evolving regulations by securing and managing historical electronic communication:


  • Flexible search capabilities such as proactive glossary scanning, data classification, message flagging, attachment OCR scanning and content indexing.

  • Unlimited cloud-bassed storage capacity and eDiscovery for over 50 difference sources of communication – including emails, MS Teams, IM/collaboration tools and social media.

  • Date kept in Write Once, Ready Many (WORM)-compatible, AWS S3 storage

  • Instantly and securely share a dataset with anyone by using SimplyShare – no need to an SFTP site or external hard drive.

  • Simple, scalable administration

Seeking rapid restoration of critical systems in the event of a disaster?

Secure the protection and recovery capabilities necessary in case of primary system failures. This approach minimizes disruptions to productivity and revenue for your clients.

Find out more

Whether your data lives on a computer or a server or in the cloud, Carbonite helps keep it safe from the common causes of data loss. It’s our aim to make sure the entire lifespan of data—from creation and use to its planned deletion—is protected for the people and organisations who need it.

Carbonite Distributor 
for African

IT Channel 

As a trusted distributor for the African Channel, CyberHub proudly includes Carbonite in the comprehensive product portfolio offered by the OpenText Cybersecurity family. These combined portfolios are dedicated to strengthening cybersecurity.

Since its acquisition by OpenText in December 2019, Carbonite has been at the forefront of delivering cyber-resilient solutions to a wide spectrum of customers. This includes home users, managed service providers, and businesses of all sizes, all of whom benefit from the robust cybersecurity offerings available through CyberHub.

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