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Cloud Layer: Ensure the resilience of your cloud infrastructure with CyberHub Africa's cutting-edge cybersecurity measures, providing robust protection for your cloud-based resources.

Cloud security needs to be a layer in your cybersecurity infrastructure if you have migrated all or some of your IT systems and operations to the cloud.

The Problem


Organisations who have moved into the cloud and use cloud applications face a growing number of challenges relating to security, because traditional enterprise IT architecture such as data centres, endpoints, internal networks, and internet gateways require traditional architecture comprising of a firewall to control inbound traffic, secure internet, and email gateways to inspect incoming emails, network security solutions to analyse internal network traffic, and endpoint security to protect endpoints.  However, threat actors have always found ways to gain access to enterprise networks through phishing, social engineering.


The Solution


With the rapid adoption of mobile devices and then cloud technologies, enterprises need to rethink traditional architecture and perimeter security to prevent or limit breaches, seek more flexible solutions then VPNs because employees and devices are remote, changing the network perimeter to wherever the user is located. 


Cloud-based attacks are on the rise, specifically vulnerabilities that can be accessed remotely with unauthorised access to your perimeter, through social engineering and phishing, Employees need access to network assets from mobile devices and as on-premises data centres are and continue to be replaced fully or a mix of local networks and external cloud providers none of these devices are going to protect the information stored in your cloud’s applications.  Protecting internal resources from external forces through session control for on-premises and cloud application.  Therefore zero trust security is becoming the new approach to cybersecurity.  Zero trust (“never trust, always verify”) is a way to secure users and applications by put security checks in place that trusts no one.

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