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Endpoint Protection

To secure businesses, you need endpoint protection that’s stronger and smarter than traditional business antivirus.

Multi-vector protection from Webroot is the only way to secure your endpoints and users across all stages of a cyberattack.

Today’s threats use multiple vectors to attack, from malicious attachments to phishing sites.  Only multi-vector protection from Webroot can secure endpoints and users across all stages of an attack.

Why Webroot Business Endpoint Protection is Different

  • Next generation protection

  • Contextual threat intelligence

  • Industry-leading efficacy

  • Cloud-based console

  • Fast deployment & scans

  • Lower TCO & flexible billing

  • No software conflicts

Why businesses need endpoint protection

Criminals are constantly developing new ways to attack networks, take advantage of employee trust, and steal data.  Smaller businesses may think they’re not a target, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, small businesses with 100 employees or fewer now face the same risks of attack as a 20,000-employee enterprise.

No matter their size, businesses need reliable endpoint security that can stop modern attacks.  And since most companies are subject to some form of compliance and privacy regulations, protection for endpoints is 100% necessary to help businesses avoid hefty fines and damage to their reputation due to a security breach.

Webroot Endpoint
Webroot DNS

DNS Protection

Secure your DNS connection against cyberattacks, get total visibility into web usage, and enforce acceptable web usage policies to reduce security risk.

Today’s threats use multiple vectors to attack, from malicious attachments to phishing sites. Only multi-vector protection from Webroot can secure endpoints and users across all stages of an attack.

Why Webroot DNS Protection is Different

  • Skip the hardware and software

  • Get detailed reports on-demand

  • Enable policies by group, device, IP

  • Block threats at the domain level

  • Apply leading web classification

  • Reduce costs relating to infections

Why businesses need DNS Protection

Uncontrolled internet access is a high-risk activity for any business, regardless of size.  Faced with today’s sophisticated attacks, endpoint security along is no longer enough to stay safe from modern cybercrime.

In fact, a recent report from EfficientIP found that 77% of businesses around the world suffered at least one DNS cyberattack in 2018.  What’s even more worrying: on average, businesses got hit with as many as seven attacks throughout the year.

Webroot’s DNS agent was built for the future, supporting IPv6, the next generation of internet protocol. This means you can protect your users with DNS security on modern networks, like public hotspots, for long into the future. As adoption of the new protocol continues to rise, it becomes increasingly essential your network protection can handle this type of traffic.

Webroot Security Awareness

Security Awareness

Cybercriminals target end users. Ongoing cybersecurity education and training for end users is a must for businesses to stay secure.

Security awareness training is an education process that teaches employees about cybersecurity, IT best practices, and even regulatory compliance.  A comprehensive security awareness program for employees should train them on a variety of IT, security, and other business-related topics.  These may include how to avoid phishing and other types of social engineering cyberattacks, spot potential malware behaviours, report possible security threats, follow company IT policies and best practices, and adhere to any applicable data privacy and compliance regulations (GDPR, PCI, DSS, HIPAA, POPI etc).

Studies have shown that quick, relevant, and continuous training throughout the employee’s tenure with a company are the best way to arm end-users to become a company’s first line of cyber defence.

Why Webroot Security Awareness Training is Different

  • Proven efficacy

  • On-going defence

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Easy 5-step wizard

  • Engaging interactive courses

  • Trackable, customisable campaigns

  • Campaign and contact management

  • Reporting centre

Why Businesses Need Security Awareness Training

Although businesses may feel their employees wouldn’t be fooled by something like a phishing scam, cybercriminals still use this attack method because it continues to be successful.  In fact, the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations report revealed that 93% of successful security breaches start with phishing.

With regular training for employees that includes phishing simulations, courses on IT and security best practices, and data protection and compliance training, businesses can significantly reduce risk, decrease infections and related help desk costs, protect their reputation by experiencing fewer breaches, and secure their overall cybersecurity investment.

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