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OpenText - Webroot, a featured solution in CyberHub Africa's arsenal, delivers robust cybersecurity services, providing organizations with advanced threat intelligence and protection against evolving digital threats.
Webroot Endpoint
OpenText - Webroot Endpoint Protection

Webroot Business
Endpoint Protection

Keep your client IT environments protected and productive.Build, solidify, and broaden your client base.

  • Reducing the MSP’s TCO for endpoint security

  • Easily managed via a web-based console

  • Lightweight client (under one MB)

Why CyberHub and Webroot Endpoint Protection 

As an MSP protecting your clients’ endpoints has become essential in today’s IT landscape.  

The cloud-based architecture from Webroot calls for less investment in associated infrastructure, enables faster deployment, and requires much less labour-intensive management. Most importantly, Webroot delivers dramatically better protection from malware threats, as well as timely remediation in the unlikely event an infection occurs.

Webroot significantly reduces the amount of time an MSP’s technicians must devote to malware-related tasks, driving down Webroot’s TCO and boosting an MSP’s profitability. Because Webroot provides clients with unrivaled protection that imposes virtually no burden on system resources, MSP client satisfaction also grows.

Webroot solutions are always connected to an immense cloud-based threat signature database (the Webroot BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Platform) that is more powerful than any antivirus client-contained signature database could ever be.

Webroot DNS

Webroot DNS Protection

DNS filtering can reduce the number of malware infections and security breaches by up to 88%

  • Stop inbound malware and other DNS based attacks.

  • Enforceable internet usage policies

  • Provide DoH visibility, filtering, and security controls.

  • Deployment options: Standalone DNS agent or with Webroot Endpoint Protection.

OpenText - Webroot DNS Protection
Every MSP should make sure its SMB customer base has a DNS layer protection.

Uncontrolled internet access is a big risk for your clients.  But proxy solutions are expensive to maintain and manage, and cost-effective alternatives are few and far between.   That means your clients may rely on endpoint security alone to protect their businesses from web threats, but as an MSP, you know that’s not enough.

With a DNS-layer security solution, you can protect your clients from up to 88% of web-borne malware before it even hits their endpoints or networks.


Read the checklist for 3 simple tips to help MSPs like you sell the value of DNS protection to your clients.

Webroot Security Awareness
OpenText - Webroot Security Awareness Training

Webroot Security
Awareness Training

After 12 months of training, end users are 70% less likely to fall for a phishing attempt.

  • Simple administration and campaign management.

  • Multi-tenant management solution purpose-built for MSPs and SMBs.

  • Automated training management plus compliance reporting at an individual, group, and company level.

Encourage clients to protect their security investment.

Phishing and malicious email attachments remain some of the most common vectors for data breaches.  According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report: 82% of all breaches involve a human element. Well-trained users reduce these incidents, resulting in reduced costs related to lost productivity and system downtime.


Faced with today’s threats, endpoint protection is an obviously necessity for your clients.  But even organisations with phenomenal endpoint protection are being compromised because criminals’ prey on the naivete and ignorance of your clients’ end users.  Ultimately the best security in the world can’t prevent an unwitting user from accidently leaving the front door to the network wide open.

To augment the cybersecurity you provide your clients, you need cyber-savvy end users who know how to spot phishing emails and avoid risks online.


Here’s a checklist with 5 simple tips to help MSPs like you add security awareness training to your portfolio – and do it profitably.

Find out more

Let one of our experts assess your needs and show you the benefits of Endpoint Protection.  

Discover how DNS Protection stops inbound malware. 

Or see how Security Awareness Training can help your business

Webroot Distributor 
for African

IT Channel 

Webroot, an OpenText company, was the first to harness the cloud and artificial intelligence to stop zero-day threats in real time. Webroot secures businesses and individuals worldwide with threat intelligence and protection for endpoints and networks.

In 2019, Webroot and its parent company Carbonite were acquired by OpenText, a global leader in Enterprise Information Management. Together, they are a market leader in cyber resilience, offering total endpoint protection and disaster recovery for any sized business.

Webroot is passionate about protecting businesses and consumers from cyber threats. They combat today’s most complex cybersecurity challenges and are constantly anticipating how to extend the value of their threat identification, prediction, and remediation to the connected world.

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