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Mailprotector offered by CyberHub Africa is a platform provides features like email encryption, threat detection, and spam filtering to ensure the security of email communications.
Email Filtering
With Mailprotector CloudFilter, users can effortlessly include or exclude a sender from their list of approved addresses directly from their message preview in a single, straightforward step.
Mailprotector CloudFilter

Email Filtering

CloudFilter is an inbound email filtering service for MSPs that gives users protection against spam, viruses, and phishing.

Total email security that filters all the junk people don’t want. CloudFilter delivers full-stack protection from annoying spam and crippling email-based ransomware and phishing attacks in a way that’s effective, efficient, and easy to use.

  • Icon-based scoring indicators clearly communicate various levels of safety.

  • Quickly see why an email was held and determine if the sender is trustworthy.

  • Build and customize rules manually, from templates, or through regular expressions.

Invest in an MSP-Backed Email Security Solution

The average business email compromise (BEC) attack can be costly to a company.

Many Microsoft 365 users report that they receive a high amount of spam on a regular basis. And even worse, they don’t always know where their filtered messages go. Big problems can result from false-positive handling when a good message Microsoft 365 thinks is spam goes missing.

As an MSP or MSSP, you are balancing and supporting a cross section of IT solutions. Each with their own respective dashboards, nuances, and help desk tickets. As a creator of one of the best phishing protection solutions on the market, here’s what Mailprotecctor took into consideration when developing CloudFilter.

Don’t let a successful cyberattack happen on your watch. Instead, take the necessary steps to secure your clients.

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Email Encryption

Email Encryption

Painless Email Encryption Service for MSPs

Easy to use email encryption with no plugins or apps. Bracket has turned using email encryption from dread to delight. Just wrap brackets around the [subject] in any email client on any device, and Bracket handles the rest.  

  • Messages are encrypted using AES-256 standards and geographically distributed keys.

  • No more lost passwords! Fool-proof sign-in mails you a secure, expiring link.

  • Send secure encrypted email and safely transfer files from any email app or web browser.

Mailprotector Bracket is an intuitive encrypted email service compatible with any email client, requiring no plugins or apps. Simply enclose your [subject] line with brackets!
Mailprotector Bracket
Email encryption should be a core part of an effective cybersecurity strategy

Virtually every organization has to adhere to some regulation or industry standard. Email encryption has become a necessity when sending emails outside of an organization. Lawyers, CPAs, medical offices, government officials, and others are required to send sensitive information across the Internet directly to their customers. 

Did you know? Ransomware trojan viruses like Qbot (also called Qakbot) are programmed to steal personal information. This virus is initiated using spam email campaigns so it can be prevented by regular email encryption.

Encrypt email to prevent unwanted visibility into senstive data.  tools that are simple to use will be the most adopted by your community of users.  The Bracket email encryption toll fits the bill perfectly.

Are your clients using encryption to protect their data and company reputation?


Now is not the time to fall short. Ensure their protection with the best encryption solutions and educate every end-user on the best practices for securing and sharing data.

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Email Compliance
Mailprotector SafeSend enables administrators to define and restrict email content, ensuring compliance with security and regulatory standards.

Email Compliance for MSPs

Adds critical compliance enhancements to your outbound email filtering.

Prevents spam proliferation and keeps damaging or sensitive data from being leaked via email. SafeSend expands beyond CloudFilter’s outbound filtering by giving greater control over outbound email traffic with custom content rules and more.

  • If a bad email is sent, SafeSend email security stops it and notifies the sender.

  • Stop sensitive information or file leaks from slipping out undetected.

  • Prevent embarrassing spam from being sent from within.

Now is the time to review client compliance requirements

Regulations can be difficult for SMBs to comprehend, and many are unprepared for this dramatic upheaval and compliance may have slipped off their radar, but anything you can do to help your clients avoid more sleepless nights will no doubt be valued and deeply appreciated.  


MSPs who can tackle compliance issues related to email are in high demand.  Compliance is the perfect door opener for cybersecurity experts and when you can step in to handle the heavy lifting associated with compliance, those clients will be forever grateful.

Mailprotector’s SafeSend solution gives administrators the ability to define content which is not acceptable to send out. The best way to prevent proprietary and sensitive data leakage via email is to identify and quarantine outbound messages containing protected information.

Treat security more seriously with outbound email filtering

Mailprotector’s SafeSend solution gives administrators the ability to define content which is not acceptable to send out. The best way to prevent proprietary and sensitive data leakage via email is to identify and quarantine outbound messages containing protected information.

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Mailprotector SafeSend
Email Continuity

Email Continuity

Affordable, 24/7 webmail access to a copy of your last 30 days of email.

Think of this like a spare tire for an email server. With XtraMail, people benefit from having 24/7 access to affordable, always on, backup email. When their normal email servers go down, users can login to XtraMail to keep emailing from the same address.

  • Offer your customers peace of mind for an amazing price that won’t turn them away.

  • There’s nothing to activate during an outage, so you get zero-delay continuity.

  • Sent and received email is copied and stored for a month before being purged.

XtraMail provides a smooth continuity service, offering MSPs a continuous 30-day access window to a replicated email copy, ensuring seamless disaster recovery.
Mailprotector XtraMail
A short amount of downtime can be detrimental to your clients productivity and bottom line.

Providing corporate email access is usually one of the first steps in virtually every organization’s employee onboarding process.  It has become the lifeline and information repository that workers rely on to complete their daily (perhaps hourly) tasks. What would we do without it?

There is nothing more disruptive in the workplace than something that pauses productivity. When staff get cut off from conversations, there is nothing else to do but wait for a solution and complain to the IT people who support those systems. The longer it takes to fix, the more frustrating and costly it is for everyone (including you).

That’s why having an email continuity plan in place is vital — which starts with an effective backup solution.

With XtraMail, you and your clients can relax, knowing there’s an always-on backup email solution ready to kick into gear when the primary systems go down. The technology is always available and running in the background so there’s nothing to turn on when an outage occurs. With a rolling 30-day email backup, the system lets users log in to webmail from any location and ensures that employees can keep working without skipping a beat ‒ while your team addresses the outage issues.

Anytime there is a major disruption, XtraMail gives your IT staff more time to identify and resolve the problems, without the need for temporary fixes or emergency responses in the off-hours

Mailprotector allows you to provide that ‘business as usual’ capability.


You can’t always predict server failures and other technical issues. Email continuity is an easy option that can limit productivity problems when things go bad.

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Email Archiving
SecureStore by Mailprotector delivers email archiving solutions with robust features, providing unlimited storage and retention time.
Mailprotector SecureStore

Email Archiving

A Business-Critical Tool for MSPs Who Support the SMB

As an MSP you are no doubt aware, many of your clients may not realize their inbox contains much of their most important information. Understanding everything there is to know about email archiving and being able to offer a viable solution will give your company a leg-up on the competition.

  • Saves money from the start with no hardware or software to install or maintain.

  • Streamlined setup process so you’re good to go within 20 minutes or less.

  • Intuitive interface is a snap to get around in with fast, accurate, reliable search.

Hassle-free cloud-based email archiving with no storage or retention limits.

Whether your clients find themselves receiving ten or one hundred emails a day, it is extremely important, from both a business continuity and compliance perspective, to safely save and file these vital communications and attachments.

An a time when more business data stored in email systems than we could possibly know what to do with it, don’t underestimate the value of managing that information with ease. Whether your clients must adhere to government regulations or industry rules, or simply need to meet their own corporate guidelines, they can reap the benefits of archiving.

SecureStore keeps businesses legal and safe by storing copy of all incoming, outgoing, and internal email. Users and managers can access the mail archive anytime to search and send stored mail.

Get the most intuitive tools that make archiving a breeze for your clients as well as for your own team. 


Whether your clients must adhere to government regulations or industry rules, or simply need to meet their own corporate guidelines, they can reap the benefits of archiving.

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Email Hosting

Cloud Mail

Secure and budget-friendly business email hosting that has all the essential features

CloudMail provides a robust email hosting solution for companies that don’t maintain their own e-mail server. Mailprotector will act as the primary mail server for your domain, handling both inbound and outgoing email. 

  • Security is seamlessly integrated so there’s nothing to install or maintain.

  • You’ll never have to worry about getting those “inbox full” messages!

  • Email from any client via POP3/IMAP, or from our sleek webmail console.

CloudMail provides a cost-effective yet powerful POP3/IMAP email solution, including features like contacts, calendars, a spacious inbox, and secure webmail access.
Mailprotector CloudMail
Save your clients money with split-domains

Not everyone needs all of the email hosting features of Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, so Mailprotector lets you split domains into groups. People who email a lot can keep using the more expensive secure email hosting, but those who don’t use it as much (factory floor workers, temps, interns, etc.) can be split into their own group and put on CloudMail.


Send and receive email via our secure webmail console or with a desktop or mobile client via POP/IMAP connection. Calendar/contact syncing are handled by CalDAV and CardDAV.

It’s one great way that Mailprotector helps MSPs work more efficiently with better margins.

The CloudMail secure email hosting tool offers a way to save money on users who may not have as big of a need for email as others in the organization.

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Shield-Email Control


Email reimagined. Shield is like noise-cancelling headphones for your inbox.

Stop wracking your brain trying to figure out if the sender of an email is legitimate or not. Shield puts a heads up display at the top of every email, so you can quickly see if there are any security issues.

From the HUD, you can jump straight from any email in your inbox to X-ray for a more in-depth message analysis. X-ray lets you see way beyond the external details of a message, so anyone can get the information they need to decide for themselves if it’s safe to interact with. No admin assistance required!

Get the email you want, silence the rest

Shut the front door

The trust network is what we call the list of people you want to email. Shield utilizes a zero-trust approach to guard your inbox and attention. This means, by default, a new sender does not have permission to send a message to your inbox unless you explicitly say so. Only senders you trust can email you.


Say goodbye to all the clutter you never asked for

If you don’t want email from a sender, you can silence their messages to your archive, trash, or junk folder… right in your inbox. The creates an unbelievably calm email experience. It’s like unsubscribing before a sender even has the chance to annoy you.


Intelligence that learns from you

Use your email as you normally do, and Shield will build your trust network. You’re always in control, but as your network comes into focus, Shield moves more and more into the background. It’s adaptive learning systems will quietly and automatically continue to dial in your trust network so you only get the good stuff.

Mailprotector Protection


  • Hide who you are/what you say

  • Blocks embedded spy trackers

  • Create burner addresses to keep your main email address private

  • Lock/Unlock any sensitive email from being read in your inbox

Mailprotector Privacy


  • Zero-trust security at the core

  • A security HUD (heads up display) in every email

  • X-ray view clearly explains key sender integrity data points

  • Blocks spam, viruses, and phishing

Mailprotector Productivity


  • Protect your attention by reading less urgent emails in bundles

  • Creates a noticeably more calm inbox

  • AI-generated message summaries

  • VIP pass lets your most trusted contacts can skip sender review

Ready to learn more?

Get in touch to set up a live, guided demo. We’ll answer any questions you might have and show you how CyberHub's and Mailprotector's partner-centered approach makes all the difference. 

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Mailprotector Distributor
for African
IT Channel 

Mailprotector® is a SaaS-based B2B email security, compliance, and encryption platform delivered exclusively through a network of global IT partners.

Founded in 2000, Mailprotector’s complete email security platform includes anti-spam, anti-phishingemail continuityemail archiving and business-class hosted email solutions. Additionally, Mailprotector is the creator of a patented and award-winning email encryption tool, Bracket

Mailprotector’s parent company, Virtual Connect Technologies, was founded primarily as a website development company. At that time we had developed a couple of intranet sites whose users were fed up with spam, viruses, and the whole lot of issues that come with an unprotected email system. So we rolled up our sleeves and set ourselves to work, and soon we had engineered a basic email filtering system that worked beautifully for our customers.

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