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Data Layer: Safeguard your sensitive information with our advanced cybersecurity solutions, ensuring the protection and integrity of your critical data assets.

Data security is not just important for organizations. Data protection comes into play on the personal computers, tablets, and mobile devices as it has moved to the cloud and accessed through the internet.  Hackers know the importance of your information and they want to exploit this, stealing it by any means.

The Problem


Data is an important asset to organisations of any size – no business is too large or too small to be vulnerable.  Protecting intellectual capital, critical infrastructure, customer information and other regulated or proprietary data has long been a priority.  And with the scale of the work from home (WFH) shift, brings serious implications on cyber security as millions of workers logging into their companies from home through the internet.  Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allows workers to tunnel into their company’s internal systems, yet this explosion also brings new vulnerabilities. 


Individuals also need to keep their passwords, financial and other personal information safe and protected from outside intruders.  Staying protected from data loss is a huge challenge that calls for a multilevel defence.


And with data on the move whether it’s on a flash drive, via email, in the cloud, or on personal mobile devices – at any of those stages it could be lost, stolen or held to ransom.  Bad actors look for ways to get data for malicious purposes ranging from identity theft to corporate espionage.


The Solution


Bob's Business, GoldPhish, Webroot, and Celerium are key solutions that prioritize data protection and security. Bob's Business provides cybersecurity training, GoldPhish offers simulated phishing attacks, Webroot specializes in endpoint protection, and Celerium provides advanced threat detection and response capabilities. Together, these solutions fortify the data layer, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information.



Today organisations are focused on a layered defence approach of cybersecurity namely, people, processes, and technology.


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