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GoldPhish Security Awareness Training, offered by CyberHub Africa, enhances organisational resilience by providing comprehensive and engaging cybersecurity education for employees.
GoldPhish - Multi-tenant enabled security awareness training

Multi-tenant Enabled Security Awareness Training

Enahnce your clients security posture with security awareness training.

  • Content-rich library

  • Simulated phishing

  • 100% whitelabel platform

  • Only pay for what you need - with no upfront costs.

Stopping phishing is the first step in protecting clients from cybercrime.

Phishing assaults account for more than 80% of all cyberattacks.  Enhance your clients' security posture by providing them with security awareness training that includes phishing simulation. Establishing a security-first culture within your organization will help you comply with POPIA regulations while lowering the likelihood of a user-related data leak.

Reduce user-related security incidents.

Implement training programs that reduce human risk over time and achieve compliance.

With no extra bells and whistles, GoldPhish is specifically designed for MSPs to seamlessly deliver, monitor and report a continuous annual awareness training programme to an entire workforce, increasing cyber resilience and protecting against phishing threats.

Provide scalable, inexpensive training that will enable you as the MSP to improve your security stack, expand your security business, and quickly realize ROI.

Why put GoldPhish to work… the Movie

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Looking for an affordable, simplified centralised multi-tenant dashboard, where you can sit back and monitor client progress or take charge and provide them the managed service they need? 

Contact us for a demo and a 30-day free trial.

GoldPhish Distributor
for African
IT Channel 

GoldPhish is a cyber security awareness training platform that enables businesses to ward off potential attacks by helping their entire workforce understand the cyber threat.


Founded in 2017 by a team of former Royal Marine Commandos, creatives and cyber experts, GoldPhish is the only security awareness platform developed specifically for small businesses globally.


Our mission is to deliver the best awareness training content in the industry, and help

everyone get cyber-savvy! 

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