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Small and Medium Business (SMBs) are vulnerable

The Problem

Many firewall automation and cybersecurity solutions on the market today are difficult to use and understand.  Dark Cubed distil complexity into an easy-to-understand scoring system and an intuitive user interface.

The average small business owner doesn’t have hours a day to manage network security.  Dark Cubed automatically block risky connections so you can focus on running your business.

Webroot Endpoint

The Solution


Network Monitoring has never been so easy.  Monitor your network connections and benefit from enterprise-grade threat intelligence with Dark Cubed’s cybersecurity solution.  Dark Cubed pulls a syslog data feed from the firewall, scores incoming and outgoing connections and assigns each connection an easy-to-understand score indicating risk.


Use Dark Cubed’s elegant dashboard to quickly find threats and take action.  Dark Cubed have designed their dashboard to be extremely easy to use and understand, even for those without professional experience in IT.  Security shouldn’t require a PhD.


Receive alerts when and how you want.  Get instant network notifications via Slack, Email or Syslog.  Set thresholds to minimize noise.  Know and control what is connecting to your network. 


Stop malicious connections and reduce threat exposure quickly through firewall automation or manual blocking.  Simple workflows enable one-click blocking and unblocking of high-risk traffic sources or targeted services or enable automatic blocking of risky connections to stay safe 24/7.

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