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A Toolset to Protect You Every Step of the Way

Adding Tools to Your Cybersecurity Cart

The IT industry is inundated with tools and vendors for you to choose from. Many companies offer solutions to singular hurdles you face as an IT service provider. Whether it’s antivirus or data storage, it’s helpful to have a box checked off, but what about all the others? Shopping around, reading colleagues’ reviews, and signing up for demos or trials, can be time-consuming, especially when needing to consider multiple vendors simultaneously.

It is true—much is needed of you to properly protect your clients. Even just two years ago, prior to the pandemic, much less was demanded of you and your team! But where do you turn for preventative, responsive, and restorative services? Security tools for every step of the way are critical—you must prevent an attack, respond to an attack, and restore your business after an attack. If you’re missing cybersecurity measures at any of those points, your business could experience significant loss.

At Blackpoint, we understand this. We’ve worked alongside managed service providers (MSPs) since 2014, bringing our focus on innovative technology to the IT world. We rode the Covid-19 wave with our partners and haven’t slowed down since. While other companies have had to tighten their belts, decrease their team count, and enter hibernation mode, we’ve continued to grow both our team and our offerings.

On top of Cloud Response, Managed Defender for Endpoint, and the macOS agent, we have released Vulnerability Management, Blackpoint Response, Ransomware Response, and a revamped iteration of Blackpoint RISK this year. With the ability to build our own technology from the ground up, we can support your company’s needs, from preventative to restorative services. Instead of working with a multitude of vendors to create your security package, you can partner with us and take on our entire ecosystem as your own. Read on to learn how each of our latest offerings protects you along the way.

Prevention is Key

In 1597, Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge itself is power.” That statement rings as true today as it did 425 years ago. The more your team and clients are aware of, the better. This is where Vulnerability Management comes in. Comprised of three limbs—Internal Scan, External Scan, and Cloud Scan—partners can easily discover, assess, and act upon vulnerabilities in their and their clients’ environments. Deliver Blackpoint’s clear recommendations and remediation steps to your end clients, showcasing the value of your Blackpoint services.