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CyberHub Announces Partnership with GoldPhish

We are thrilled to announce our latest vendor partnership! CyberHub has recently partnered with GoldPhish, a leading provider of security awareness training.

At CyberHub, we are committed to providing our partners with the best solutions available in the market. We believe that this partnership with GoldPhish will help us further this commitment and enhance the overall experience for our partners.

GoldPhish is a cybersecurity awareness training platform that enables businesses to ward off potential attacks by helping their entire workforce understand cyber threat. With a focus on phishing simulations and training GoldPhish helps businesses prevent data breaches and protect their sensitive information, keeping them secure and compliant in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

Their mission is to deliver the best awareness training content in the industry and help everyone get cyber-savvy! And is designed to be easy to use and customizable to meet the unique needs of each business. With GoldPhish as your partner, you can be confident that your clients’ employees are put to the test by realistic, real-time phishing emails in the GoldPhish phishing simulator. Will they recognize a 'phishy' situation?

A combination of essential learning modules, quizzes, measurement, and multi-mead reinforcement messages – including video – all helps reduce risk and make cybersecurity culture change a reality.

GoldPhish’ s focus is on making cyber simple through high-quality, engaging, and relevant bite-sized courses to keep cybersecurity top of mind. They use a mix of interactive eLearning, animation videos, real-word scenarios, and regular assessments.

And with their centralised multi-tenant dashboard you can sit back and monitor client progress or take charge and provide them with the managed service they need.

As a result of this partnership, MSPs can offer their clients the assurance that they are meeting their compliance obligations. Improve end-user awareness and their ability to recognise phishing attempts with confidence.

We are excited about the opportunities that this partnership presents. Don’t leave your clients cybersecurity to change. Partner with CyberHub and GoldPhish to implement a comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance solution that helps identify and mitigate risks, train employees, and meet compliance requirements.

Contact CyberHub today to learn more about how GoldPhish can help protect your clients from cyber threats.


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