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Introducing Easy NAC: Empowering MSPs and MSSPs with Enhanced Network Access Control

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, ensuring robust network security is paramount. As CyberHub, a leading cybersecurity distributor, we are excited to introduce our newest vendor, Easy NAC. With their cutting-edge network access control solution, we aim to equip service providers with the necessary tools to safeguard their clients’ networks effectively.

In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of Easy NAC and how channel partners and their clients can enhance their network security with this powerful solution.

Streamlined Network Access Control

Easy NAC provides channel partners with a comprehensive and streamlined approach to network access control. By implementing their solution, service providers can enforce granular access policies, monitor network activity, and protect against unauthorised access attempts. Easy NAC simplifies the complex task of managing network access, allowing IT professionals to focus on strategic initiatives and minimise security risks.

Enhanced Security Posture

With Easy NAC, service providers can significantly enhance their clients’ security posture. By ensuring that only authorised devices and users can access the network, Easy NAC acts as a first line of defence against potential threats. This solution offers real-time visibility into connected devices, allowing for immediate detection of anomalies and potential security breaches. By swiftly identifying and isolating compromised devices, Easy NAC helps prevent the spread of threats and mitigates the potential damage caused by cyberattacks.

Seamless Integration and Scalability

Easy NAC is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing network infrastructure, making it an ideal choice for service providers who are looking to enhance their clients’ security without disrupting their current operations. Easy NAC’s ability to support orchestration with various security solutions, including Endpoint Protection, Firewalls, SIEM, and more, enhances the overall effectiveness and efficiency of network security measures. This integration capability allows service providers to create a unified and robust security ecosystem, leveraging the strengths of each solution and providing comprehensive protection for their clients’ networks.

The solution can be deployed across diverse environments, including on-premises and cloud-based networks. Furthermore, Easy NAC provides scalability (using trunk ports to protect up to 10,000 devices or 200 subnets per appliance), thus allowing service providers to adapt the solution to the evolving needs of their clients and expand its coverage as their networks grow.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Meeting compliance and regulatory requirements is a critical aspect of network security. Easy NAC simplifies this process by providing comprehensive reporting capabilities and generating audit-ready logs. Service providers can easily demonstrate compliance and industry regulations and standards, such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS and POPIA. By leveraging Easy NAC, service providers can proactively address compliance challenges and ensure that their clients’ networks meet the necessary security guidelines.

Simplified Network Management

Easy NAC offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, empowering MSPs and MSSPs to efficiently manage their clients’ networks. The centralised management console allows for quick configuration and deployment of access policies, reducing administrative overhead. Additionally, Easy NAC provides valuable insights into network traffic and user behaviour, enabling service providers to optimise network performance and identify potential bottlenecks.

One of the advanced features that sets Easy NAC apart is its ability to provide zero-day protection. E