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'Tis the season for protecting your devices with Webroot Antivirus

As the holiday season draws near, shoppers are eagerly searching for gifts online. Unfortunately, this time of year brings as much cybercrime as it does holiday cheer. Especially during the holidays, cybercriminals are eager to exploit and compromise your personal data. Even businesses large and small are not immune to the dark forces at work. Whether you purchase a new device or receive one as a gift, now is the time to consider the importance of protecting it with an antivirus program.

What is antivirus?

Antivirus is a software program that is specifically designed to search, prevent, detect and remove software viruses before they have a chance to wreak havoc on your devices. Antivirus programs accomplish this by conducting behaviour-based detection, scans, virus quarantine and removal. Antivirus programs can also protect against other malicious software like trojans, worms, adware and more.

Do I really need antivirus?

In a word, yes. According to our 2021 Webroot BrightCloud Threat Report, on average, 18.8% of consumer PCs in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America were infected during 2020.

Antivirus software offers threat protection by securing all of your music files, photo galleries and important documents from being destroyed by malicious programs. Antivirus enables users to be forewarned about dangerous sites in advance. Antivirus programs also scan the Dark Web to determine if your information has been compromised. Comprehensive antivirus protection will also provide password protection for your online accounts through secure encryption.

Benefits of antivirus

By investing in antivirus protection, you’ll be able to maintain control of your online experience and best of all, your peace of mind.

Webroot offers three levels of antivirus protection. Our Basic Protection protects one device. You can rest easy knowing that your device, whether it’s a PC or Mac, will be protected. With lightning-fast scans, this line of defence offers always-on protection to safeguard your identity. Our real-time anti-phishing also blocks bad sites.

Looking to protect more than one device? We’ve got you covered. Our Internet Security Plus with Antivirus offers all of the same great features as our basic protection but with the added bonus of safeguarding three devices. You’ll also have the ability to secure your smartphones, online passwords and enable custom-built protection if you own a Chromebook.

For the ultimate all-in-one defence, we offer Internet Security Complete with Antivirus, which protects five devices. Enjoy all the same features as our Basic and Internet Security Plus with Antivirus but take advantage of 25G of secure online storage and the ability to eliminate traces of online activity.

Keep the holidays merry and bright

Safeguard all of your new and old devices with Webroot. Bad actors will always be hard at work trying to steal your personal information. Protect yourself and your loved ones by investing in antivirus protection.

Webroot offers complete protection from viruses and identity theft without slowing you down while you browse or shop online.

Experience our award-winning security for yourself.

To learn more about how Webroot can protect you, please visit

Author: Sabina Lavi, Webroot


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